What is so cool about PMP

Over time, statistics had shown that about 90 percent of industries have projects, and over 4000 projects initiated monthly worldwide, this implies that the need of project management skill set is on a high demand, hence candidates that exhibit this skill set place themselves on demand as the have an edge over others. It is said that a project manager can replace about five other managers in an organization, this proves to be true because it teaches:


Project Management covers knowledge of time, cost, schope, human resources, risk, quality, procurement, communication, planning, and more.. Materials, Exams and Certificates are available.

Job Opportunities

There are a lot of project management vacancies with well satisfactory payment scale both locally and internationally.

Self Development/Career Path

With the knowledge of project management, you can start and lead an enterprise easily, also project management helps gather experience faster and a wide range of exposure.

Class Mode

  • Campus Classes
  • Virtual Classes (Live Webinar)
  • Regular Physical Classes
  • Flexible Schedule

    You can get quality delivery of trainings at your desired or convinient schedule, either by physical contact or virtual classes.

    Convinient Payment

    We allow you to make payments in installments and through bank deposit and internet transfer to make learning interesting and stress free.

    Top Notch Facilitation

    Because we are interested in bringing the best in you, we utilize the best trainers and facilitators, materials and concepts